New Painting Production Line

New Painting Production Line New powder coating line for continuous production of sectional door panels. Advantages Sheet metal surface: Smooth with sandgrain paint High quality electrostatic powder paint Eco-friendly powder  Paint Thickness 70-80mic  Five(5) year warranty  UV tested  Salt-spray tested  Available in 6 RAL tints (9002, 9006, 9016, 6005, 7016, 8017) *Shortly available in 5 […]

New Hook

NEW HOOK New onesided hook by BIOROL S.A, available from September 2016 Advantages •Innovative product •Windload Class 4 – Maximum length12m with 80x80x2mm guide •Application in each sheet of the shutter •Noiseless operation •Antiburglar protection


NEW WOOD PAINT BIOROL S.A. continuing the effort for better quality and unbeatable prices, presents its newest product: New high quality painted wood imitation colors which replace the old plastificated ones. Advantages • Metal sheet surface: Smooth with sandgrain paint • Extra high quality powder coating paint (Transparent layer) • Eco-friendly powder • Five (5) year warranty […]