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One Piece Overhead Door

The features you need to know about One Piece Overhead Door are:

1. Made entirely of galvanized material (both the frame and the sheet).

2. Wide range of powder coating colours (AKZO NOBEL) with excellent resistance to outdoor conditions and excellent colour retention that meets the requirements of all major European architectural standards BS EN 12206:2004 PART I, QUALICOAT CLASS I and GSB.

3. The type of the sheet for One Piece Overhead Door is in the form of trapezoid to give greater endurance making the construction more resistant.

4. Movement. The door moves in a horizontal guide with the help of extension springs, which are measured in such a way so as to absorb the weight of the sheet, so great physical strength is not required when opening and closing the door.

5. Frame is made of metal beam 80x40.

6. Possibility of constructing pedestrian built-in and non built-in door.

7. Possibility of manual and motorized operation. When the door is delivered manually operated, then in order to be secured a special lock is placed bearing inside-out handle and integrated grinder safety. The lock of the door is with metal bars adapted on the lock and goes right and left of the vertical sections of the door frame.

  • Maximum construction dimensions: Height: 220cm and Width: 310 cm.
  • Possibility of construction with stable parts
  • Knowledge of traditional technique
  • Use of new advanced technology
  • Reliable structures and solutions
  • Adaptation to the architecture of buildings
  • Resistance to time
  • Quick delivery
  • Technical Support
  • Great Design!!
  • Even Greater Design!!!
  • Best Design Ever!!
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