About Us

Biorol, Greece’s leading metal construction industry, prides itself on delivering top-notch products and services to its customers. Adhering strictly to their key principle of producing high-quality goods using certified processes and excellent raw materials, Biorol has consistently achieved its objective: “Maximizing advantages and minimizing disadvantages for the benefit of the product user.”

The company’s journey began in 1989 with the construction of simple rolling shutters. Over time, Biorol expanded its activities to include the import and marketing of motors and automation systems. Concurrently, Biorol focused on developing its expertise in the construction sector, producing a wide range of garage and industrial doors.

Today, Biorol is renowned for its technological prowess and specialization in security rolling shutters, one-piece overhead doors, and sectional doors for residential and industrial use. Additionally, the company has introduced a unique array of complementary products, solidifying its position as a comprehensive provider in the metallic constructions industry.

  • Sliding – Swinging motors

  • Automation systems

  • Glass sliding doors

  • Fire safety doors

  • Dock levelers/shelters

Certification ISO 9001:2015

BIOROL S.A. has been assessed and found to meet the requirements of the standard ISO 9001:2015 for the following scope of operation:

  • Design, development, production, trade and installation of rolling shutters, garage doors and industrial doors
  • Production of panels
  • Trading of automatisms for automatic doors

Our Team

Zoi Kalaitzidou
Zoi Kalaitzidou-Secretary-
Smaro Valsamidou
Smaro Valsamidou-Accounting-
Ioanna Pantelidou
Ioanna Pantelidou-Accounting-
Vagelis Chrisopoulos
Vagelis Chrisopoulos-Sales Department-
Maria Papadopoulou
Maria Papadopoulou-Domestic Sales-
Dimitris Karathanas
Dimitris Karathanas-Sales Engineer-
Chrisa Lazaridou
Chrisa Lazaridou-International Sales-
Nikolaos Gkouzkouris
Nikolaos Gkouzkouris-Supply Chain-
George Stergiopoulos
George Stergiopoulos-Technical Support-