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Rolling Shutters

Rolling Shutters by BIOROL S.A. are suitable for car garages, shops, storage areas and any area that must be restricted and fully secured. Read More

Sectional Doors

BIOROL S.A. Sectional Doors are special for their quality. The experience gained over the years in the design and care in the construction, make our sectional doors the most distinct product. Read More

Home Safety

Safety solutions for every type of construction. Secure your home or your shop with one of our products and you will be calm and sure that no one will breach it. Read More


Who We Are?

Biorol is a metal construction industry specializing in producing security rolling shutters, sectional doors, one piece overhead doors and industrial doors.

In addition to the wide range of our products, motors for sliding, swinging doors, glass sliding doors, fireproof doors, dock levelers, dock shelters, bars as well as other products which cover every business or household need, are available.

The facilities are located in 10th km Katerini - Thessaloniki beside the national highway of the country in a private warehouse with a complex that covers 6000 square meters. It should also be noted that an investment production facilities of 3500 square meters is already underway to be created.

  • Rolling Shutters
  • Sectional Doors
  • Home Security
  • Business Solutions

Why Choose Us?


In BIOROL S.A. we constantly try to improve our products and bring new innovations to the market.


We have organized our productions in a way that lets you get the product you need in the least possible time.


All our products are certified according to European standards and manufactured with the highest quality raw materials.


Every new product released by BIOROL S.A. is thoroughly tested to fit all the safety and quality standards.


We always do our best to use the latest technologies to give the best possible results.


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