Printed Sectional Doors via

Transform your sectional door with FLEXIPRINT from BIOROL! With our beautiful prints, you can now customize your door to match your style. Choose from over 70 textures and patterns, including wood veneers, stonewall designs, rusty metals, and more. With FLEXIPRINT it’s easy to make a statement with your door and show off your unique individual style. Get the look you want in no time with BIOROL’s Printed Sectional Doors!

  • Unique door designs that reflect your personal style and stand out from the crowd! Choose from over 70 designs in three categories to best suit your style.
  • Get maximum detail and clarity for a realistic look and feel, with outstanding print quality of up to 720dpi.
  • Enjoy beautiful, high-resolution textures with authentic results.

  • Enjoy a lasting finish with enhanced protection against scratches, sunlight and graffiti thanks to our special varnish finish.

FLEXIPRINT – Texture Catalog
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